Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 48

mxr custom shpo script phase 90 Most PGS videos over the years have been primarily Andy Martin productions, but there was a time when collaborative efforts were more frequent. A favorite collabo of mine (probably because I got to work on it) is the MXR Script Phase 90 LED demo from 2009, 48 TO N E TA LK // wherein PGS shipping guru and occasional video personality Scotty Heard stopped by to lay down the wild tapping section from Van Halen’s “Eruption” for an opener. I subtly enhanced Scotty’s note perfect EVH impression in the mix by creating a hard-panned plate reverb sound, a la early Van Halen records, and then Andy finished out the video with Rush and Bob Marley numbers, among other highlights. It was a really fun time that resulted in an instant classic demo. 10 fo r th e ag es // pro gu itar s h o p ’ s to p ten vi d eo d em o s