Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 39

Nearly ten years, over 2000 video demos, and almost 200 million video views. These are the current stats on the Proguitarshopdemos YouTube channel as of the time of this writing. It should go without saying that these are big numbers, epic numbers even. The PGS and TRW crew is rightfully and fiercely proud of these numbers, and in many ways the relentless production of consistent, high quality demos is what made this business viable to begin with. It is still the primary reason behind the continued success of Pro Guitar Shop and Tone Report Weekly. This is the core of our legacy, and the legacy of our company founder, the late Aaron Miller. These days we have diversified our stable of highly skilled demo dudes, but our main man, the one who started it all, continues to be the estimable Sir Andrew Martin. As one of the first producers of professional quality stompbox videos on YouTube, Andy’s skills and ears shaped the video demo scene into what it is today, and he continues to elevate the game on a daily basis. His formidable playing, keen tone shaping instincts, dulcet toned voiceovers, and affable everyman persona have combined to make him one of the most respected and beloved guitarists on YouTu &RखbB6VG2ƖR( FpBbw&GVFW2&FFrN( 2&V6W6RvP&R&Fǒ&6pFRFV6FRfW'6'`W"UGV&R6V@FRfFVFV'WBbG'F2bfV&W"b#rvRv&RBW7FǐFRFVזV"&6vPFVvBB&&FRFFR6RFRB&Wf6@6RbW"w&VFW7BG2FW2vFBbW@g&GBB`v&G2B2g&ЦRvRfR76V&V@FFVƗ7Bv'F`FfBWGFW&fVGW&pFV&Rf7FgVbG'F( 2w&VFW7BfFVFV7G&F2( V&ǐFVV'2fW"#fFVFV2@7@#֖ƖfFVfWw2( ХFU&W"B63