Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 34

FROM THE BUILDER’S MIND DANELECTRO BILLIONARE PRIDE OF TEXAS Rewind to 1998: Danelectro launched its first pedals the previous year. We had a design for what we thought was a pretty good analog delay, but we needed some players to check it out. We called up Matt Bruck who was a writer for Guitar World. Matt gave us an address in the hills above LA and asked us to bring our only prototype for a listen. The prototype was just a PCB with in and out jacks mounted on the ends—it had no enclosure yet. After winding along mountain roads for 20 minutes we pulled up to a huge mansion. Matt buzzed us in at the gate and told to pull up to the guesthouse in back. There, Matt listened to—and loved—the analog delay. All of the sudden, Eddie Van Halen burst into the room, wearing his pajamas and a “joker” hat. This was Eddie’s house! And we were in 5150—his studio! Eddie LOVED the analog delay. His first words 34 FR O M TH E B U I LD ER ’ S M I N D // dan electro b i llio nare pri d e o f texas