Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 30

simply having more to say, the band’s upcoming album Rearm Circuits is its most polished and cohesive album to date. The album contains some uncharted territory— its members increasingly experimented with their collective sonic palette. I hear an Omnichord on the closing track, along with more effects pedals usage and catchier hooks. Technically, the musicianship is as on-point as it ever has been. Icarus has been through Hell, having seen the ugly side of the music industry, and now on the precipice of their new release, is stronger than ever. “So much has happened to us in the last two years. I am ecstatic that we made it out the other side with what I feel is easily our best record,” says Rubenstein. Rearm Circuits comes out December 1st via Blue Swan Records. Pre-order the CD/ vinyl here: We are happy to feature ItO’s latest video for “Dream Shade.” 30 TO N E TA LK // stro n g er wi n g s // a c hat with icaru s th e owl’ s j o ey ru b en stei n