Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 26

Photo Credit // Corey Terrill towns, so they appreciated when bands would come through,” adds Rubenstein. Eventually, ItO got a booking agent and toured with other bands on a more professional level, but that didn’t stop its DIY ethos in the least. Icarus the Owl knows full well that a big break is statistically unlikely—this does not deter its members, and while I am sure they would love a magic hand to swoop down and make them a largely 26 TO N E TA LK // famous band, they are at peace with the slow build. Those members are creating a buzz for themselves with a special blend of progressive pop-rock—often in an odd time signature, chock full of guitar tapping, and almost always catchy as hell. The band doesn’t quite fit in with metal bands or pop bands and it finds itself purposively straddling many genres. While off-kilter rhythms and guitar wankery isn’t for everyone, the band at least makes it catchy for fans of pop music and it’s not crammed into every single song. “I am a firm believer that pop music and technical musicianship can coexist. Techy songs don’t always need to be 11 minutes long and melodically inaccessible. Maybe we can trick a few pop fans into appreciating the 5/4 time signature. I mean, the Mission: Impossible theme made it happen,” Rubenstein half- jokingly remarks. stro n g er wi n g s // a c hat with icaru s th e owl’ s j o ey ru b en stei n