Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 21

brantone synergy amps z.vex fuzz electronics syn 1 and syn 2 factory cake Synergy SYN systems One lucky guitarist recently tonemaster mkii The give you a wealth of boutique received a cake fashioned The Tonemaster MKII comes equipped with three Mullard OC84s to deliver truly authentic vintage tones to any pedalboard or recording studio. Each Tonemaster is outfitted with rugged appurtenances as well as NOS Allen-Bradley resistors and high-quality capacitors, complimenting a durable copper-veined enclosure and NOS knobs. and famous amps at your fingertips. Each of the SYN- 1 and SYN-2 docks allow swapping of modules and seamlessly connect to any amp equipped with an effects loop. Both SYN docks have their own effects loops so you don’t lose any functionality, and each contains two switchable channels for the given module. after a Z. Vex Fuzz Factory, the company’s oldest design. The fondant-clad cake is designed to resemble the sparkling-green “hand- painted” model, complete with its normal control set. There is no word as to whether or not the cake was equipped with NOS AC128 transistors. ToneRepor t .com 2 1