Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 20

NOW PLAY THIS P OWe r e d by e f f ects data base ISSUE 203 october 27 N OW P LAY THI S Tym Guitars one control engine of ruin honey bee ehx slammi plus The Engine of Ruin is a modern take on the classic MXR Distortion+ unit with a few tweaks. The Engine of Ruin provides classic 741 op-amp distortion that is complemented by a silicon diode arrangement for a crisper sound than the vintage units. Each Engine of Ruin is expertly voiced by Tym Guitars based on his preferred circuit values. The Slammi Plus takes the groundbreaking polyphonic shifting of the Slammi and puts it in a more familiar enclosure with a full-featured interval selector on the side. This selector gives 11 settings including a detuner that gives you thick, chorus-like tones. A host of other deceptively simple features make the Slammi Plus a serious contender in the pitch pedal arena. 20 N O W PLAY TH I S BJFE’s circuit reign continues with the Honey Bee, the latest Bjorn Juhl design to make it into the hands of One Control. OC’s version gives you a switch for Vintage or Modern voicing, which cuts a little extra treble to make it more adaptable to a wider range of guitars. The Nature control governs a mid-frequency shift that takes your tone to greater heights.