Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 15

TRAYNOR YBA-1 Years ago, after watching their prices steadily climb upward, I promised myself I would stop writing about vintage Traynor tube amps. It seems that I can’t help myself, however, and it also seems that the value of these wonderful Canadian-built amplifiers has leveled out somewhat in recent times. Either way, it looks like the jig is up on Traynor. Once the biggest “sleeper” amps in the vintage market, known mostly to Canadians and those Americans that live near the northern border, everyone seems to know about these amps now. They are still magnificent alternatives to other, much more expensive, vintage tube amps, however, and at the time of this writing they are still quite affordable. A fine example is the Traynor YBA-1, a dual EL34-based head originally intended for bass (much like the closely related 5F6A circuit Fender Bassman), but which makes a fine guitar amp. Being inspired by the Bassman, it is already very close to both that amp and the Marshall JTM45 electronically, making it a terrific and affordable platform for modders looking to get convincing vintage tones cheap. Just a few simple component changes, well within the capabilities of any decent tech, will take the YBA-1 straight into Plexi land. Even with no changes at all, it still sounds incredible, is terrifically loud, and ultra reliable. One should be able to acquire a Traynor YBA-1 head in fantastic condition for under 600 dollars. ToneRepor t .com 1 5