Tone Report Weekly 203 - Page 10

LETTER FROM T HE EDITOR ISSUE 203 october 27 LE T T E R F RO M T H E E D ITOR EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Phillip Dodge, David A. Evans, Ian Garrett, Sean Hennessey, Sam Hill, Yoel Kreisler, Nicholas Kula, David Pakula, S.P. Burke, Nick Rambo, Fletcher Stewart, Eric Tischler, Jamie Wolfert COPY CHIEF Nicholas Kula ART & DESIGN ART DIRECTOR Adam Handermann PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Gavin Wahl-Stephens VIDEO LEAD VIDEOGRAPHER Andy Martin VIDEOGRAPHER Mike Hermans EDITOR / SALES / MARKETING MEDIA DIRECTOR Tom Keithly SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Joey Rubenstein THE BOOKS Jasun Feddema Thanks for coming out to see us tonight. CONTACT 971-400-6430 You’ve been an amazing audience. TONE REPORT WEEKLY Tone Report Weekly says GOODNIGHT FOUNDER Aaron Miller SOCIAL MEDIA TONEREPORT.COM Main Website Twitter / Instagram @tonereport Youtube ProGuitarShopDemos -Tom Keithly Editor Copyright ©2017. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Tone Report Weekly has no association with the monthly publication ToneQuest Report.