Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 47

ratio. The latest Moonshine also features a two-way Proof toggle for either lower or higher gain. But enough with the history lesson. How does the latest version sound? The Morning Glory delivers a highly articulate, transparent, and, if pushed, rather raw sort of overdrive. At first, I believed that the circuit was straight-forward distortion rather than overdrive given the effect’s transparency and clarity. In low-to-moderate Drive settings, the Double Barrel pumped out warm tone with some edge. Turning the Tone knob past noon produced more sparkle and chime and brought out a more “articulate” sound that would highlight pick attack and pick dynamics. Higher Drive settings increased sustain and provided a harmonically rich, full, and satisfying distortion that does not mask or bury the tonal quality of, say, a major chord. The Morning Glory’s gain toggle produced a noticeable difference of tone. When the switch was in its up position, the Double Barrel’s output volume was increased by perhaps five decibels or so. My ear might have deceived me, but I believed that this louder tone also sounded fuller than the tone I heard when the switch was flipped down. When the toggle was in the down position, the Double Barrel pumped out an equal amount of distorted tone, but at a lower volume, it seemed. be said of this classic sound? It’s the tone that launched a thousand guitarists on their path to recreating Stevie Ray Vaughan’s tone as heard on “Texas Flood.” It’s also a great sound for guitarists who need a thicker, heavier tone for rhythm work, or for guitarists who want to produce a wall of sound with a single amplifier. At first, I believed that the Moonshine circuit was a straight-up distortion-type, but with a decidedly different character. It’s more refined than the other circuit, offers greater sustain, and generally came across as much thicker than did the Morning Glory’s distortion. What more can Two excellent overdrives with different characters, packed into one housing; they’ll deliver almost any tone a person could need. Perhaps the greatest asset On the right-hand side of the the Double Barrel provides Double Barrel are the controls is its “both-on” feature. That for the Moonshine V2. To is, both overdrive circuits can my ears, the Moonshine had be activated at once, and a very different sound than their order can be changed did the Morning Glory—and with the flip of a toggle. If the that’s a good thing. This raw sound of the Morning second distortion increased Glory needs to be smoothed my sustain with its super- out, might I suggest adding smooth character. It was so in a bit of the Moonshine’s smooth, I fact, that I felt I overdrive? Yet this is merely a ought to ask it for dating starting point. advice. WHAT WE LIKE CONCERNS I sometimes felt as if the Moonshine could be a bit more responsive to input level changes. 47