Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 41

STEP 3 This is where we ground the enclosure. Whichever way you do it is totally up to you, but the following points must be connected: Lugs 2 and 6 on the switch, the sleeve lugs on the input and output jacks, and the negative lug on the DC jack. I leave one of these lugs unsoldered in order to ground the circuit board using the ground wire. Usually, I use one of the jack sleeve lugs for this. STEP 4 Your potentiometers have tiny metal tabs on them that prevent them from being mounted easily. Snap these tabs off with pliers. Then, mount the board in the enclosure and connect its wires to where they need to go, such as input and output to the switch, 9v to the as- of-yet-unsoldered positive 9v lug, and ground to the as-of-yet-unsoldered ground point from step 3. STEP 5 Wire the input and output jack to the switch, including the as-of-yet- unsoldered switch lug 9. 41