Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 40

ENCLOSURE MATERIALS 1x enclosure, drilled for three knobs, one toggle, LED, footswitch, input, output, and power jacks. 2x ΒΌ-inch jacks 1x DC power jack 1x LED 1x LED bezel (same size as the LED, naturally) 1x LED resistor (you can use anything between 1k and 22k or so, the higher the value, the darker the LED) 1x 3PDT latching (not momentary) footswitch 3x knobs of your choosing Wire STEP 1 Mount the LED in bezel, all jacks and footswitch into the enclosure. Use the last saved lead to jump lugs 4 and 9 on the footswitch, soldering lug 4 but leaving 9 unsoldered. STEP 2 Coil the resistor around the positive leg (also called the anode) of the LED and then wire the other end through BOTH lugs of the power jack, soldering one lug but not the other. Solder the negative leg (cathode) to lug 1 on the footswitch. 40 DIY // A Little Soul: Build Your Own Hot-Rodded Marshall Bluesbreaker