Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 38

STEP 1 Firstly, before you do anything, BE CAREFUL with the germanium diode, some of them are very fragile. With that said, insert resistors, D1, D2 and D3 into the board. I like to give the 1m resistor next to the IC a little slack and then pull it to the left, because the 100pF cap that goes next to it is rather large. Bend the leads outward (remember,careful), solder them and clip the leads. Save the leads. STEP 2 Using those leads, form the jumper wires. If the leads aren’t long enough, use a spare piece of wire. Save just one more lead. STEP 3 Insert the IC socket, then place something flat on top of it and turn the whole board over, holding it in place. Then, solder it in. Insert the two LEDs, solder and clip the leads. 38 DIY // A Little Soul: Build Your Own Hot-Rodded Marshall Bluesbreaker