Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 36

YOU'LL NEED THE FOLLOWING PARTS RESISTORS 1x 1k (carbon-comp ΒΌ-watt in the kit. You can use a standard resistor) 2x 4.7k 1x 9.1k 1x 24k 1x 30k 2x 47k 1x 270k 2x 1m CAPACITORS 1x 100pf (blue polystyrene in the kit. You can use ceramic if you want) 4x 10nF (film) 1x 18nF (film) 1x 100nF (film) 1x 1uF (film) 1x 100uF (electrolytic) SEMICONDUC TORS 1x 1n914 1x 1n4004 1x germanium diode 2x 5mm red LED 1x MC1458 IC POTENTIOME TERS MISCELLANEOUS 1x piece of stripboard (Veroboard), cut and drilled to spec 1x 8-pin DIP socket 1x SPDT toggle switch Wire 1x 25kB 1x 100kA 1x 100kB 36 DIY // A Little Soul: Build Your Own Hot-Rodded Marshall Bluesbreaker