Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 35

of them. Today though, we’re fixated on the original Bluesbreaker—the pedal comprised of a JFET-free design that Marshall’s engineering team thought approximated a Bluesbreaker best. With some careful component changes, we can enhance this old circuit. We can add just a touch more gain and a little more output volume, as the original reached unity gain very late in the volume dial. We can overhaul the clipping section to Got all that? Let me drop a few build notes: Upon looking at many different Bluesbreaker schematics, you might notice that some of them have a handful of components going to the voltage reference on the same op- amp side as the gain knob, but some have them going to ground. I opted for the ground option while changing the stock values to sweeten the gain. The diode arrangement is completely overhauled with a nice mix to clip asymmetrically, similar to a BUILD YOUR OWN HOT-RODDED MARSHALL BLUESBREAKER give a little more amp-like breakup and most importantly, we can make changes to the quality of key components, as the originals contained mostly satisfactory componentry. Since I’ve taken the liberty of making these changes, you owe it to your rig to build one. But first, the disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: Neither I, nor Tone Report Weekly bears any responsibility for any kind of personal or property damage that may occur as a result of the instructions provided herein. Legal mumbo-jumbo aside, we ask that readers be familiar with a soldering iron and tube amp, and with a switch to lift them. The signal passes squarely through a 1k resistor before heading to the tone section, so I’ve opted to replace it with one new-old-stock Allen-Bradley carbon-composition resistor, like they used to use in the days of real JTM45s (this resistor is included in the kit). In fact, almost all of the components have been changed, including the op-amp. This is a mod in every sense of the word. its accompanying safety procedures before trying anything listed here. Furthermore, if you fire the pedal up and it does not work, it will need troubleshooting. Assuming the components are not damaged, the pedal will work. I built this very unit according to these