Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 34

WITH NICHOL AS KUL A A LIT TLE SOUL The Marshall JTM series of amps are currently a hot commodity, with originals horded by grizzled bluespersons and neophyte pickers, and reissues being snapped up by players of all stripes. The JTM45, or Bluesbreaker amp has had its sound distilled into many different pedals over the years, with the first coming from Marshall itself. audiences with wildly different sonic profiles, the core inspiration is much the same. This leads us to the conclusion that the Bluesbreaker sound appeals to all players of all genres. What the Bluesbreaker tone can offer to a rig is super adaptable and something we can all agree on: gain, and great-sounding gain at that. Subsequent copies have come in enclosures with all manner of graphics, from bullets to facsimiles of Peanuts characters. Though these two pedals would seem to appeal to wildly different Before “amp-in-a-box” pedals were the new thing, Marshall took matters into its own hands and released four pedals in large black enclosures—the Guv’Nor, Shredmaster and Drivemaster were three 34 DIY // A Little Soul: Build Your Own Hot-Rodded Marshall Bluesbreaker