Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 31

He asked me to do a collaboration with him and build a guitar effect suited to his playing style and identity to use on the new QOTSA record Villains. After a intense creative process of nine months, we created the TVL Raven and Octavia; basically the signature QOTSA sound in a set of two pedals. The Raven is a clean boost with a set filter, the Octavia is (like the name suggests) an Octavia-style pedal that creates those nifty fat tones and high, rich Octavia tones. devices. I also prefer to do all my work by hand and all-analog. Besides looks, the tone is the most valuable aspect of my creations. I like to focus on old-school techniques and materials. I personally think that back in the day, products were built to last without cheap labour costs, and a “more-for-less” product mentality. In early 2005, I met Troy van Leeuwen for the first time at a festival where I was displaying my creations in a backstage area. In the meantime I worked with mutual friends like Alain Johannes and David Catching both from the California desert family. 11 years later in 2016 Troy asked me to come backstage at a Iggy Pop gig in Amsterdam, were he was touring the Post Pop Depression tour. Both pedals are fully hand-built, even real gold was used on these pedals, along with a custom-made anatomically correct heart as an indicator lamp, a cast set of custom- made skull knobs, a cast of a raven skull in gold leaf. No expense nor effort is left out and both became creations made without making any concessions. You can hear both pedals on the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age album Villains and Chelsea Wolfe’s last record where Troy took care of the guitar parts. Also, the Raven and Octavia are part of the live rig of Troy and Dean Fertita with the upcoming QOTSA Villains tour. The TVL Series is available at my own shop. —Doc 31