Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 26

EVERTUNE Guitarists, especially pros, will do whatever it takes to keep their guitars in tune. Locking tuners, locking nuts, locking bridges, expensive strings, there’s no limit to what they’ll try. Gibson has tried repeatedly with computerized automatic tuners, but they’ve never really taken off. Along comes EverTune, designed to keep strings in tune at the bridge in spite of changes in tension. Thanks to six strings and levers in the bridge, it applies the opposing force and maintains the tuning regardless of humidity or pressure. 26 TONE TALK // So why aren’t they bigger? Few guitars come with the bridge itself. EverTune as a company has made a deal to sell certain Fender, Ibanez, and ESP guitars with the bridge already installed, but that only goes so far. That means if you want to install one on an existing guitar, you have to decide if it’s worth drilling new holes and permanently damaging the instrument for it. Considering some guitarists loathe to even change a pickup selector on some of their instruments, I personally can understand their hesitancy even if it is a great product. 5 Amazing Gear Brands That Never Made It