Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 25

PARKER FLY Introduced in 1993, Parker Fly made similar waves like Steinberger did with its unique design and sound. Thanks to using composite materials, Parker Flys are incredibly light and get a very resonant tone. The magnetic pickups also allowed for clear hi-fidelity sounds. Perhaps the biggest claim-to-fame for Parker Fly though was being an early adopter of the piezo circuit, which allowed players to simulate acoustic sounds with an electric. Early adopters like Dave Navarro called Parkers “the cleanest guitar I ever heard.” So why aren’t they bigger? Some brands just stick in the public consciousness more, so when big brands like Fender and Gibson started selling Strats and Les Pauls with their own piezo circuits, Parker Fly lost a big factor in what made them special. The vintage, lacquered wood look of Fender and Gibson sticks heavily in the public consciousness too, so many in the public were probably turned off by Parker Fly’s futuristic look. It also doesn’t help that Parker was best at clean sounds, and came out just as rock music was shifting towards alternative and nu- metal. Still, Parker Fly is still going strong today, so it managed to weather the storm. 25