Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 23

KRANK AMPS Thanks to the ridiculous amount of advertising Krank amps did in its heyday, it’s probably the best known company on this list. Arguably, that was part of the problem. Back in the early 2000’s, Krank tried to make its name by throwing its hat into the ring of amps specifically designed for metal. Admittedly, the tone they offered was perfect for extreme metal, giving a high-gain sound with little hiss or popping even at higher settings. Their entry into the market coincided with an advertising blitz that almost threatened to take over music magazines for a time period. For a while, you couldn’t open up any music rag on a newsstand without seeing tons of ads for Krank featuring then-current metal bands like Shadows Fall, Fear Factory, and As I Lay Dying. Krank got an even bigger coup by designing a signature amp for Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell before his tragic death in 2004, and got regular airspace by serving as the signature amps for cartoon band Dethklok on Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse. SO WHY AREN’T THEY BIGGER? The advertising blitz may have been good for attracting a roster of endorsees, but it never really translated into big sales with the general public (high prices didn’t help). Ironically, many players actually found the glut of ads to be off-putting, with rumors of Krank employees trying to secretly curb favor on music message boards and review sites. The bottom eventually fell out with founder Tony Krank leaving the company and briefly trying to rebrand as Revolution Amps. Tony has since retaken the Krank name and is still continuing, but without the money for advertising like in the old days it remains to be seen how far he’ll get. 23