Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 18

O n our final pass through Mutato Muzika’s circular hallway, we lost Mark to an intriguing ‘60s sequencer and colorful LED display made by a company called Computers for People. He hadn’t powered it on in a while and had forgotten how to work it. After flipping a few switches, bleeps and bloops started leaping out of small built-in speakers and the simple screen began flashing as he tweaked knobs and sliders. We collected our equipment and began saying our goodbyes to the gracious staff, all to the soundtrack of his experimentation with the rediscovered device. Leaving him huddled over an ancient synthesizer, face lit with the chaotic dance of flashing lights, seemed the perfect way to part ways with the always- creating Mark Mothersbaugh. Words & Photos: Bradley Thorla (@bradleythorla) 18 TONE TALK // On The Fly: Behind the Scenes of Show Us Your Junk! Mark Mothersbaugh