Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 16

E very shelf and every drawer in every room contained something suited for either the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or the world’s coolest fl ea market. You would see a Ondioline keyboard (rare to the point that maybe only ten exist now, and this one happened to belong to Pink Floyd, no big deal) right outside a room fi lled with one-of-a- kind wind pianos. A single cabinet had the mics used by Brian Eno on the U2 record the Unforgettable Fire along with a collection of circuit bent kids toys. I was handed the master tapes for the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks right before entering a room full of handm FR7G'VVG26VFr7FW6W"FRb67VF"BFV2&6WBr6&fVGW&VBFWf( 2( vN( fFV&V&'BFR7@fWr&&62FR6760FWf6&7FW"fGFVVB@6F66ǒ7F6VBBFP6VfW2&VVF&VVFW2VG&VG2&RFW6G26VbgFW"6V`gVǒ6VB&WVBF@7BbFVvW&RFVFW2'W@VFVBfWrFW2b'F7V FW&W7BRbFVFVvPBFVv6v2FV&V6&FVBgFW"RBFW"FWfV&W"vW&R7G&FVBvW&琦FRFR( s2B7VBFFR7GVFvFFfB&vR'&VBFRV&W'2b6FW"fVGW&VBvw6vpFWf6w2vW&&ƗfV@B&7F6VBB2W6R0vVW2&VFǒBFRvVखvwv2'6W76VBvFFpvǒWvvW&FVBVFR6VbЧ'G&G2&6BFWƖVBFP&v6RBF6VW␤7F&vR&FRw&V@f"B6RbFR7@FW&W7FrW'6FV2f"&FVvVrWv7BWF6VbvW&RFR7B&VrV0bfWvBg&FRf'&6FV@`DRDIJFRfǓ&VBFR66VW2b6rW2W"V&FW'6&Vv