Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 15

M ark Mothersbaugh’s Mutato Muzika is a green, circular, two- story building, set right on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. In the ‘60s, it was a plastic surgeon’s office and the exterior still retains that time period’s sense of chic. The interior keeps the circular structure of the exterior—the main studio is housed in a perfectly circular room at the center of the second floor, divided in half between live room and control room. A hallway encircles the central room, with multiple doorways into the studio. On the outside of the hallway are about a dozen rooms, mainly offices, a few smaller studios and small cafeteria. The décor of the outer rooms and hallway is clean and fresh, with vintage, oddball art and instruments all around, as if Wonka made music instead of chocolate and collaborated with Warhol to design his spot. A fter we’d been given a quick walk around the location, the video crew crammed into the half- circle control room and got Mark mic’d him up. We began by asking him a few light questions which he turned into long, tangential diatribes or at very least, incredibly amusing stories. He has been around so much, and is such an intelligent, highly aware person, it was a joy to have the opportunity to pick his brain. After the interview, and after he took our Transmisser on a test drive, he gave us a more lengthy tour through all his collected ephemera. 15