Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 14

On the Fly O f the many noteworthy points regarding EarthQuaker Devices’ hometown of Akron, Ohio (fastest growing city in the U.S. from 1910– 1920; both LeBron AND Steph Curry were born here; we’ve got the blimp!), the point that inspires the most interesting form of pride is that Devo is from Akron. Though a casual music fan may focus simply on its early MTV hit “Whip It,” anyone who has done a deeper dive into the band’s catalog sees a unique blend of artistic vision, varied sonic adventurism and incredibly quirky, catchy songwriting. Couple with that 14 TONE TALK // Behind the Scenes of Show Us Your Junk!: Mark Mothersbaugh Mark Mothersbaugh’s career outside of Devo—all the soundtrack work for Wes Anderson and countless TV and commercial spots, the never- ending production of visual art and gallery exhibitions—and the result is a massive media mountain. We were nothing short of honored to work with him on a limited run design for a few of our pedals released in conjunction with a retrospective art show at the Akron Art Museum last year, and even more in awe when a few of us were invited to tour the production facility capable of mountain making. On The Fly: Behind the Scenes of Show Us Your Junk! Mark Mothersbaugh