Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 11

VICK AUDIO SCALES THE MOUNT PLEASANT The Mount Pleasant is a modern take on the original Marshall Blues Breaker pedal, addressing all of the shortcomings of the original. Vick Audio’s take restores the ability to reach unity gain and modifies the tone stack to make it more usable. A high-cut switch has been added that gives you two different degrees of frequency attenuation, as well as the option for none. XOTIC EFFECTS TEAMS UP WITH OZ NOY FOR THE AC/RC-OZ Oz Noy’s tone is accomplished in part by running Xotic’s RC Booster into its AC Booster, with the resulting tone deemed extremely necessary by Mr. Noy himself. The AC/RC-OZ places these two pedals side by side in one box, “where they belong” to never be apart again. This configuration lets you push the AC Booster into even more lush gain by goosing it with the RC. J. ROCKETT WINS THE WEST WITH THE MAJESTIC The Majestic has one goal: Sound like a 1959 Les Paul being run into a cranked Marshall amp. The tone is unmistakably Zeppelin and has an incredibly wide gain range. A two-band EQ rounds out the action giving you extensive control over the tone. Despite it being voiced as a “humbucker sound,” the Majestic plays nice with all pickup types. 11