Tone Report Weekly 196 - Page 22

5 AMAZING GEAR BRANDS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HOUSEHOLD NAMES Words by S.P. Burke Most film critics will name Citizen Kane as the greatest film of the 20th Century, but few forget the film was not a success when it was first released. In spite of great performances and innovations in filmmaking, the film did middling business at the box office and struck out at the Academy Awards that year. Sometimes in spite of making something new and great, it just doesn’t take off. It certainly happens all the time with music gear. 22 TONE TALK // In fairness, most of what’s on this list is still available commercially and most of the companies listed are doing just fine—it is not our aim to disparage. Every product on here deserves whatever praise it gets. The question: How often do you see players outside of niche or professional circles using it? The market is fickle and can be easily swayed by trends, rarity, or just plain price. Let’s look at the innovative gear that doesn’t get half the credit it deserves. 5 Amazing Gear Brands That Never Made It