Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 55

size pedal with a lone gain knob; this new one features Gain, Volume and a third control marked Heat. Gain and Volume are fairly standard, though I personally found the Volume just a bit lacking as there wasn’t much room above unity. That said, the Gain control has a very pleasant range of snarl in it. Cranking both of these first two controls is a great place to start and yields a fairly balanced tone with plenty of bite and shades of Tweed-like sag. Heat is where the real action happens though. Increasing this control adds saturation, sustain and harmonic complexity. Cranking all three knobs gets you into slightly fuzzy territory that, if you’re like me, might make you wonder if the name of the pedal actually &VfW'2FG2vW7B 2B6VV2F6Fw0FvvV"גff&FRFW2vW&PfVBvFFRfVPBVB'2V&ǐ7&VBBFRvশ"&6VBfbFB66W"F#FRFF2vVBRFfW&WGvVVw&GG&7@B6V&rVBF^( @vF7FrG0&WGvVV6WFpFBv&VBWVǒvVvFgW6VBg&BbFRfgFvV"Ff&fW&G&fR6V@gFW"B"WfV&F␤fW&FRfgFvV 2FVƖvBF BvFFV"&WfW& BW"w&"Bv&&B26WFR"BBFW"&vvW &&Bf"vFW&gVǐ6RWBfW'6FRG&fPWW&V6R44U$02V62ƖRFPfgFvV"FB֗70frG&FFFR6G&BvPFRVB6G&'&w06WFrFW&W7FrFFR֗6( BV'W@vFW"bBvVF( B&P&WGFW"VVFVB0fG7vF6&RF'WBW( F&Rv^( 6VP&FFFF2FVWPF&BfW'6tBtRĔPf"6RFR&WFp&W&"7GVǒ2fbগG2&֗6SfW&G&fPFN( 2gVǒ6&R`&VrFRǒG&fRVFW"&&Bb6W'6RFB7FǒƖW2FW'2v&VfW"F&FPFRfVR"FV wVF"'WBWfVbFN( 0BRFRfgFvV"0FFU&W'B6УS