Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 48

GEAR SPOTLIGHT USB and MIDI inputs for deep effect editing on a computer. Oh, yes, and the unit also accepts two external control switches or expression pedals, as if these other features weren’t sufficient. Moreover, the pedal can assign different functions to external pedals via the edit switch. And, the pedal has true stereo inputs and outputs. I’ve only touched on the features of this powerful reverb unit. Given the 48 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // sheer number of its about the reason the TAP/ strengths, my intuition CTL setting didn’t act as tells me that Boss’s RV-500 expected. will soon garner the praise which places it, too, among the pantheon of pedal greats. WHAT WE LIKE Excellent, ultra-high quality AD/DA converters; lifelike reverbs; unusual reverb modulation effects. CONCERNS Although the interface is generally very intuitive, I was sometimes confused Boss RV-500