Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 47

even if these effects are the best around. I beg to differ, because the hidden settings allow the pedal to produce some of the strangest and most interesting reverb effects I’ve encountered. Indeed, the RV-500 offers so many effect tweaks and settings that it’s hard to even know where to begin. In truth, the RV-500 is more than a reverb unit; it’s also a delay pedal, with up to 2000 milliseconds of delay. Delay and reverb settings are really easy to access via the Time/Value knob. Depressing the knob switches the unit between reverb and delay settings. The onboard LCD screen displays the current mode and the current settings. To add or subtract delay from the mix, the TAP/CTL button can be assigned to carry out the task. Speaking of the TAP/ CTL switch, many of the pedal’s most interesting effects are engaged or otherwise controlled with it. The RV-500’s deep editing capabilities allow a user to assign different functions to the TAP/CTL switch. For example, the button can act momentarily or as a toggle—engaging the effect only when depressed, or more like a light switch that leaves the effect on after tapping. It can also be assigned a tap- tempo function. But these standard features don’t even hint at the pedal’s more exotic sounds. sound of a gunning engine. At other times, I heard ray- gun blasts and hyperdrive failures. This effect really has to be heard to be believed, and once it’s heard, it will probably cause laughter to burst out of the listener. The TAP/CTL, A, and B footswitches also provide access to 99 memory banks, 90 of which come pre-loaded with different As a seeker of novelty in variations of settings all things pedal-related, for the reverb modes. The RV-500’s Hold, These banks can be Warp, and Twist modes reprogrammed, however, more than satisfied my to accept whatever curiosity. Hold sustains a settings a user likes. The time-slice of the inputted user must only “write” a signal while the TAP/CTL combination of settings button is tapped or held to a bank (assigned to (depending on the switch either switch A or B) by setting). Warp repeats a pressing both the Exit time-slice in a galloping, and Edit buttons at once. rapid-fire manner. It sounds Depressing both the A more frantic than Hold. and B footswitches at Twist is probably the most once switches the current unexpected effect I’ve ever bank to lower ones, while heard from any pedal I’ve depressing the B and TAP/ ever played. I almost don’t CTL button moves up the know how to describe list. it except to say that it’s Now, if these extensive reminiscent of a cartoon options weren’t enough, tornado that’s revving up. the RV-500 also features At times, I recreated the 47