Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 46

GEAR SPOTLIGHT BOSS RV-500 REVERB REVIEW BY DAVID A. EVANS STREET PRICE $349.99 Many very good reverb pedals exist, although only a few have garnered the sort of acclaim which places them in the pantheon of the greats. The designers at Boss must be quite ambitious, because the company’s new RV-500 Reverb attempts to outdo the competition not only in terms of sound quality, but also in terms of sheer tweakability. Boss has definitely upped the ante, because the RV- 500 features 32-bit, 96kHz AD/DA converters. Just in case anyone has forgotten, the bit-depth of the RV-500 46 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // is twice that of a compact disc. The end result is a digital signal which more closely resembles the original analog signal. I would venture to say that the difference is so slight that under most circumstances, the human ear cannot distinguish it. Although the RV-500 is initially somewhat overwhelming, with a bit of experimentation and reading I was able to create some really, really cool sounds. I don’t know if the RV-500 is the most feature-laden reverb on the planet. I do know, however, that it is one of Boss RV-500 Reverb the most fun pedals I’ve played with in quite some time. The RV-500 features 12 reverb modes, all of which were of a high quality. Included are standard spring, plate, and room reverbs, in addition to more specialized settings such as gated re fW&"@fFgV&W&GV7Fb&N( 276RV6FR%bSWfVfVGW&W07V6GVFPv6w2f"Gv6VFVW2&WfW& VffV7G2F6RV^( 2֖G2vWfW""֖vB@6VVƖR&vRV&W"