Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 45

Sometimes, only the shimmering wash of a tube-driven spring reverb unit is the only thing that will do. As far as effects go, we live in a world of plenty, and it can be easy to overlook old technology in favor of more features and the convenience of a smaller package. At some point in your playing career, however, you need to play through a real spring reverb unit. The depth and ambience is unmatched— it’s a real treat to play some clean chords enhanced by a sea of real, old-school ‘verb. And when you add some dirt, it’s a visceral experience that will make you want to learn Neil Young’s entire musical catalog. As I’ve purchased gear over the years, I’ve gone between old school analog, to new school digital, and all the stuff in between. I realize the benefit to having all of them, and as such, I have different setups I put together depending what mood I’m in. Even if you have a swatch of digital reverbs in your collection, you still need to take a look at a real spring unit. You can use it as the base of your old school rig, and have your high powered effects be your new school rig. Try some spring reverbs out, find one that works for you, buy it, then never let go—you’ll never regret it. Happy hunting! “The depth and ambience is unmatched” 45