Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 44

Vintage Sound Reverb-Vibrato & Victoria Reverberato The Vintage Sound has all of the classic spring reverb you desire, with the addition of tube-driven “vibrato,” also known as tremolo. This is a great way to add vintage Fender-style onboard amplifier effects to any rig. Want to add 44 TONE TALK // some ambience when you’re playing clean through your favorite Marshall? Need to spice up your Tweed Deluxe clone? Love the simplicity of an amp like the Pro Junior, but you also love the classic reverb and tremolo found in the Deluxe Reverb? With the Vintage Sound unit, you don’t have to compromise anymore; you can have your cake and eat it too. Another similar option is the Reverberato by Victoria Amplifiers. The main difference between the Reverberato and the Vintage Sound is that the Reverberato has actual pitch-altering vibrato, similar to the kind found of a vintage “brownface” Fender amplifier. It isn’t cheap (it’s in the same price ballpark as the Scanner) but if you want one of the best sounding vintage-style effects on the market, this one is hard to beat. Spring Into Action: Reverb Tanks You Have to Try Right Now