Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 43

MOD Kits DIY The Wave We all know a guitarist that likes to build his or her own stuff. For that player, I present the MOD Kits DIY The Wave reverb. The most affordable reverb unit on this list, it comes with the caveat of having to put it together yourself. The Wave has two controls: Dwell and Reverb, making it super- simple to operate. That’s good, because you’ll want to be able to dial in great reverb sounds effortlessly after you spend all that time putting it together. The Wave will fit on top of most amplifiers, and it’s also small enough to fit into a rack, if that’s your thing. It also has remote footswitch capability, ensuring you don’t have to walk over and switch it on and off all the time. If you insist on putting things together yourself, and you want real spring reverb without any unnecessary, newfangled knobs, surf the Wave. 43