Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 42

Guyatone FR3000V The Guyatone reverb unit builds upon legends like the Fender, but it has a few extra tricks up its sleeve to make it useful for the modern player. To start, it has Level and Master Volume controls, as well as Bass and Treble controls. 42 TONE TALK // This allows you to saturate the reverb and have extra control over the reverb’s EQ. It also has a Direct Bypass switch on the back, allowing you to choose between reverb only or a mix of your dry signal and the wet signal. The Guyatone would be a great choice for anyone into shoegaze: crank the reverb level, add some saturation, and hit your favorite chord and let it ring out into the chaos. You can certainly do subtle sounds with this one as well, but the addition of the Level and Master Volume controls make it well-suited to the adventurous player looking to explore territory beyond the classic reverb sounds we all know. Spring Into Action: Reverb Tanks You Have to Try Right Now