Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 40

Fender ‘63 Reverb The ‘63 Reverb is the granddaddy of all reverb tanks. If you love the sound of the onboard reverb in vintage Fender amplifiers (or their reissues), the ‘63 Reverb can give you that and so much more. If you play surf music and need to 40 TONE TALK // drench your tone in tube- driven reverb, you can’t do any better than this. Perhaps you’re a roots rocker and you need to add some atmosphere to your favorite reverb-less amp—look no further. Dwell, Mix, and Tone knobs give ample control of the overall reverb sound, but it’s still simple enough to plug in and play. If you’re a Fender fanatic, this is the perfect aesthetic match to your amplifier collection, and the sound of the reverb obviously pairs well with whatever Fender amp you’re using. If you need authentic, tube-driven spring reverb that’s easy to operate and looks cool, this is the one for you. Spring Into Action: Reverb Tanks You Have to Try Right Now