Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 38

Spring into Action Reverb Tanks You Have to Try Right Now words by Sam Hill I love reverb. It’s one of my favorite effects, and I, like you, have been fixated on the many great and wonderful digital reverbs that have emerged over the past few years. Some of the reverb pedals of yesteryear sound so cheesy 38 TONE TALK // and obtrusive, so it’s hard to believe how far some of the current stuff has come. That being said, spring reverb, the original gangsta of reverb—in amp form anyway—is still going strong. With all of the newfangled devices out there, it’s easy to forget just how smooth and beautiful a nice spring reverb can be. I thought it’d be fun to take a look some modern spring reverb tanks, powered with tubes, just the way guitar players like them. Spring Into Action: Reverb Tanks You Have to Try Right Now