Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 35

get sounds you’d imagine would come from traveling through time and space. Fast-forward a few years later and we were still receiving requests from customers wanting to know when it would be released. I used it on several Periscope and YouTube videos through the years and the questions would always come up about that circuit and when it would eventually be released. Again, it wasn’t something I planned on releasing, and it was stuck on the shelf for awhile. With the release of the Ethereal a few months ago, we’ve had a lot of requests for a more ambient- based standalone delay as well, with a more “tweakable” nature to it. The Doctor fit that bill, as it sits firmly between the Ethereal and our other delay, the Faux Tape Echo v2 in terms of functionality and experimental ambient tones. It needed a new name and when tweaking the knobs you can The part that makes The Doctor special is the Tone control. It’s not a traditional tone knob in that it controls the high- end content of your notes, but more so a filter that goes from a basic delay for everyday purposes, proceeding into an analog-esque territory, all the way to swirling ambient oscillations. The goal was to create something versatile enough to use for the average working musician, but the ability to take it above and beyond to create something that would sit under your notes and really lift your tone to the next level. This is the first pedal to feature our new 1/8” tap tempo in’s and out’s, and there will be a lot more fun and exciting things to follow with that functionality in the future. This is just the beginning.. —Brian Wampler 35