Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 34

FROM THE BUILDER’S MIND WAMPLER PEDALS THE DOCTOR The Doctor started its life as a prototype for Brad Paisley, and in the beginning, it wasn’t going to be released to the public. Brad approached me with a specific sound he had in mind and being a huge fan, I wanted to help out. We initially called it the SkyLine for lack of a better name, then decided to change it to Wheelhouse to coincide with Brad’s new album he was working on. We sent a few prototypes that he liked so much that we created some for several members of his band to use, and it’s been on that album and his subsequent albums since. During this time posting on social media, we received a lot of requests to release it, but at the time it wasn’t something I wanted to put out right then. 34 FROM THE BUILDER’S MIND // Dr. No Effects TVL Raven & Octavia