Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 30

Native Instruments’ has a laundry list of affordable music programs ranging from guitar, to keys, to drums, and even have the virtual mixing console or library of presets like the full version, it does come with a pitch-perfect simulation of a single GUITAR RIG PLAYER orchestras. Their Guitar Rig 5 software is a professional quality product used live and for recording, and if not for the $199.99 price tag it would have easily made the list. Fortunately NI offers a taste of the potential in a free download with the Guitar Rig Player plug-in. While it doesn’t 30 TONE TALK // Marshall JMP amp and a handful of effects including overdrive, chorus, flanger, stereo delay, studio reverb, and even a panning option. Since the software is literally free, we recommend seeing what you can do with the limited but high-quality tool set. Greater artists have done more with less. The 8 Absolute Best Pieces of Gear For Under $100