Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 21

ISKREM HAS SOMETHING UP ITS SLEEVE WITH THE 59 TRICKS The ’59 Tricks captures the sound of a 1959 Fender Bassman and all the way through the character of a vintage JTM45. Part of the reason it’s fully capable of providing this range is the two ECC83 tubes that deliver its raw power. You can actually use the ’59 Tricks as its own preamp, possessing enough power and output volume to drive a power section. DUNLOP KEEPS THE SABBATH WITH THE GEEZER BUTLER CRY BABY What happens when you take one of the most legendary bass players in all the land and let him build his favorite wah tone? The Geezer Butler Cry Baby comes stock with Geezer’s favorite settings, including a precisely-set trimpot on the board that adjusts the filter width (Q). For all of those wishing to capture the influential wah tone of “N.I.B.,” look no further. BEARFOOT FX DIGS INTO VINTAGE FUZZ WITH THE BONE BENDER MK1 The art of the Tone Bender MK1 has been lost amongst today’s builders and so Bearfoot thoughtfully resurrected it. Built around two NOS AC128 transistors, the Bone Bender MK1 provides the same crossover tones that made the original famous as a hot-rodded Maestro FZ-1. All kinds of vintage fuzz is available via the Bias control. 21