Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 20

POWERED POWERED BY EFFECTS EFFECTS DATABASE DATABASE BY BY EFFECTS DATABASE NOW PLAY PLAY THIS THIS POWERED NOW SUBDECAY KEEPS YOUR PEDALBOARD STRAIGHT WITH THE VECTOR Subdecay’s Vector answers the age-old question of what “amp-in-a-box” to have on your board. By using digital tech and analog componentry, the Vector gives you an 11-position multi-preamp unit with global Volume, Tone and Gain controls. These positions range from light overdrive to heavy distortion and fuzz, all fully adjustable with the flick of a switch. Z. VEX TAKES US BACK TO THE ‘50S WITH THE ‘59 SOUND The ’59 Sound is based on one of the most iconic amps in history: the 1959 Tweed Bassman. Featuring the same handy footprint as the other dual- footswitch Z. Vex pedals, the ’59 sound offers up Volume, Tone and Drive controls, coupled with a footswitchable Boost that kicks the ’59 into major breakup. The sound is mid-heavy, raw and unmistakably Tweed. SOLIDGOLDFX UNVEILS THE GERMANIUM MINI BOOSTER COPPER The Germanium Mini Booster harnesses the power of ancient Soviet germanium to give you a nice, fat boost that is superbly warm with an exceptional treble response that adds just a slight bump to the low-mids. This limited edition pedal comes in a copper finish and will be extremely limited to reflect the rarity of the transistors. 20 NOW PLAY THIS // Buzzworthy Gear