Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 16

CD 10 C O M PR E S SOR SU STAI N E R Guitar compressor pedals have a reputation for being for being kind of gross sounding; they’re often noisy, and they seem to coat a perfectly good guitar signal in a life-draining goop that sucks every ounce of dynamics and nuance out of the tone. Not so with the Ibanez CP10 Compressor Sustainer (at least if you use it right). The CP10 is a really great comp that won’t squash your signal to death, it just fattens it up and evens things out a little while preserving all of the musical subtleties. Its Attack, Sustain, and Level controls offer a bit more flexibility than many vintage style two-knobbers, and it is very quiet in operation, especially compared to the more egregiously squishy, plasticky examples from other guitar effects manufacturers. Our friend Shnobel has made several 16 TONE TALK // YouTube demos comparing the Ibanez CP10 to a handful of its competitors and contemporaries, including heavy hitters like the Keeley C4 and the script MXR Dyna Comp, and the CP10 compares quite favorably. If you want to grab one, they frequently can be found used for 50-60 dollars. “. . . A REALLY GREAT COMP THAT WON’T SQUASH YOUR SIGNAL . . .” That’s a 10: Five Stupid-Underrated Pedals From The Ibanez 10 Series