Tone Report Weekly 195 - Page 14

CD10 DEL AY CHAM P The 10 Series had a whole bunch of delays in it. Most of them are very good and usable, if not exactly spectacular, digital pedals. The standout echo box of the series, however, is an analog design called the CD10 Delay Champ. The name is kind of awkwardly cutesy, but this pedal should nonetheless be taken seriously by fans of murky, gooey analog slapback tones. Like most iterations of Ibanez’s much more famous AD-9 (as well as Boss’s beloved DM-2) the Champ is based around the MN3205 chip, giving you some clue as to its sonic qualities and capabilities. As one might suspect, it is superb for warm, vintage echo tones and ghostly cascading regenerations. 14 TONE TALK // Wet and dry stereo output and an internal brightness trimpot add an extra measure of versatility to this otherwise no-frills bucket-brigade delay. The Ibanez CD10 Delay Champ is a great addition to any pedalboard, and good working examples can be had for all day long for less than a hundred bucks. That’s a 10: Five Stupid-Underrated Pedals From The Ibanez 10 Series