Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 54

GEAR SPOTLIGHT FRIEDMAN MOTOR CITY DRIVE REVIEW BY S.P. BURKE STREET PRICE $299.99 Friedman Amplification doesn’t have its own Wikipedia page yet, but it does however come up under the page for “Boutique Amplifiers,” and that couldn’t be more fitting. Founder Dave Friedman got his start modifying Marshall amps for Eddie Van Halen before finally founding his own amp company, and the company’s reputation of quality has only grown from there. Although famous for hand-wired masterpieces like the BE100 and the company’s various signature models, it’s recently started expanding into guitars, 54 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // pickups, monitors, and of course effect pedals, which is where the Motor City Drive comes in. so Friedman’s extensive international clientele are not left out or inconvenienced. Rather than the solid- state sounds of most pedals, the Motor City Drive does its damnedest to emulate the sound of real tube distortion, running on 12AX7A preamp tubes at 220 volts, similar to EVH’s souped-up Marshalls. Despite the high-quality innards, the pedal is light as a feather, housed in a simple gunmetal gray chassis. It also comes with every power adaptor under the sun, Plugging in my trusty humbucker-equipped Strat, I started as I normally do with the EQ flat and the Volume rolled down to test the power from the ground up. Like an actual amplifier, it didn’t give me anything with the gain rolled all the way down because I was only running on power volume and not preamp volume. I’m sometimes disappointed by overdrives that don’t let you go just for volume Friedman Motor City Drive