Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 44

GEAR SPOTLIGHT BOSS MD-500 REVIEW BY JAMIE WOLFERT STREET PRICE $349.99 In its 44 years of existence, Boss has always found a way to stay on top. Through the digital revolution, the boutique pedal boom, and everything in between, this grand old Japanese effects manufacturer has always found a way to raise the bar while keeping its pedals beneath the feet of professional and amateur guitar players alike. Boss has faced increasing competition lately from companies like Strymon and Eventide—highly respected innovators themselves—that have made their bones 44 GEAR SPOTLIGHT // harnessing massive DSP power to create compact, pedalboard-friendly effects that rival (and sometimes even best) the finest pro audio rack units. Clearly Boss could not let these rivals go unchallenged, and recently it has thrown the gauntlet in a serious way with its “500 series” pedals. The new MD-500 Modulation pedal is bound to send Boss’s esteemed competitors scrambling. For one thing, the tones are unquestionably top- shelf. For another, its A/B Simul mode lets the user engage two completely Boss MD-500 different modulation sounds at once and choose several different routing options, including routing each patch to its own stereo channel for a mind- melting and addictive stereo modulation experience. You can even loop an external stompbox into the mix before, after, or in between the mod patches. As far as I know, this is the only compact modulation multi-effect with these capabilities, making the MD500 well worth its very reasonable $349.99 street price. The MD500’s specs are impressive of course, with