Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 40

Peerless Monarch The Peerless company is another modern- day maker of fine, affordable archtops with its origins in Asia. The company was founded in Busan, South Korea in 1970 and spent decades manufacturing guitars for other well known makes before stepping out on its own with the Peerless brand. Since that time Peerless instruments have distinguished themselves with timeless jazz archtop aesthetics, true manufacturing excellence, lively, sonorous tones, and prices that the average musician can afford without hocking an organ. One of the company’s most popular models is the Monarch, a guitar built in the classic pre-war style, with a 17-inch- wide solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, and an ebony fretboard with matching ebony bridge, tailpiece, and 40 TONE TALK // pickguard. All in all, it’s a sight to behold with fat, cutting tones to match. A Kent Armstrong floating mini-humbucker in the neck position takes care of the electric side of things in superb fashion. The Peerless Monarch is a spectacular deal, typically selling brand new for under 1200 dollars, and used for a whole lot less. 6 Archtops for the Working Class Jazzer