Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 39

Eastman AR503CE Eastman is the leading pioneer of handmade affordable archtop guitars built in the classic manner. Founded in 1992 by Chinese music student-turned- entrepreneur Qian Ni, the company began by employing Chinese master violinmakers trained in old-school Western construction techniques. Soon, a dedicated workshop was established, one where hand woodworking tools dominated, and guitars and other instruments were built in a tradition that had not been seen in Europe or the US since the late 19th century. Today Eastman is legendary for combining old time craftsmanship with modern affordability, and world-class, hand- carved spruce top guitars like the AR503CE illustrate this marriage perfectly. This model projects beautiful, acoustically rich archtop jazz tones that can compete with the finest instruments ever made, and it can often be had new for un FW"#F'2FU&W'B6У3