Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 38

Ibanez AFC151 Contemporary Archtop The Ibanez Artcore Series has long been a standard bearer for affordable excellence in the archtop guitar world, and 2017 finds this venerable Japanese guitar manufacturer stepping up its game with the Contemporary Archtop Series. Whereas many modern instruments go for a decidedly retro aesthetic, with designs and appointments that recall the golden era of big band jazz, the Ibanez AFC151 sets its sights squarely on the now. The laminated spruce and flamed maple body looks like candy with its high gloss, Sunrise Red transparent finish, and its sleek, bound ebony fretboard is complemented by minimalist offset mother-of-pearl inlays. The effect is much more Tesla than 38 TONE TALK // Studebaker, with Ibanez aiming this guitar clearly at the young, hip modern jazz enthusiast of modest means. The Ibanez AFC151 Contempary Archtop guitar can be had brand new for just a penny under 980 dollars street price. 6 Archtops for the Working Class Jazzer