Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 37

Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin Progressive minded Quebec-based guitar manufacturer Godin has a reputation for high quality, sustainability, and affordability, and all of these elements come together perfectly in its 5th Avenue series of archtop guitars. This rapidly expanding series has been extremely popular since its launch, with the 5th Avenue Kingpin model reigning supreme over the sub- 1000 dollar archtop market. Inspired by classic ‘50s designs, the Kingpin is well suited to everything from jazz to country to punk, with different iterations sporting either P-90s or humbuckers for tones that range from biting, to silky and warm. The top, back, and sides are all made from sustainably harvested (and stunningly beautiful) satin-finished Canadian wild cherry, while the neck is made from silver leaf maple. The Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin is available in cutaway and non-cutaway models equipped with a variety of pickups, or no pickups at all. The dual humbuckered CW Kingpin II sells new for 995 American dollars. 37