Tone Report Weekly 194 - Page 28

PROBOT Probot (2004) Probot: Probot OPERATION IVY Operation Ivy (1989) How fitting that this band was named after a nuclear testing program, because its debut was like a nuclear bomb going off. And like lingering radiation, Operation Ivy still remains influential despite only lasting two years and releasing 27 tracks. In that short time, Operation Ivy performed almost 200 live shows, its members becoming the kings of underground punk breeding ground Gilman Street. Combining its debut LP Energy and their various EPs, the ‘89 compilation is a frenetic rush of punk and ska that just makes you feel alive and demands to be swallowed whole. While Ivy members had later success in Rancid, ska punk was never as fun and raw as this. Perhaps it’s fitting that Operation Ivy’s last show at Gilman would be Green Day’s first, the latter taking up the sword of bringing Bay Area punk to the world. STANDOUT TRACKS: ”Knowledge”, “Sound System” 28 TONE TALK // One Band, One Album Nirvana got a lot of credit for bringing down the lumbering albatross of hair metal, but the band never intended to wipe heavy metal from the music landscape. While they didn’t care for the polished LA sound, Nirvana’s members were huge fans of early underground metal, wearing out Celtic Frost tapes in the touring van in their early days. In 2004, Dave Grohl decided to make things right by starting the metal tribute project Pr &B&V6&FrFR7G'VVG06Vb2R7GVFvF&GV6W F7W"RFVWBFvWFW"BƗ7@bG'VRWF7F'2RWrf2vVBfPFV#6Rg&ffB7&2g&ХfVrFBBvB6V`VגbL;g&VBWfVfVrB&67F2ƖRFBGB7vVVWvBFR7FFVBfbvF6V7&W@G&6fVGW&r6&6bFV6W0BFR&V6&Bv2&GW&W6ǒ&V6VfVBvFw&( 2VFW666&VB'WFVFV6W2w&6B#r^( B&&&ǐWfW"&V6&BFW"&&B&V6&B'WB0vgBFVB&vW'2WfW'vW&RBv0w&VFǒ&V6FVB5DDUBE$43( 6RW"&N( ( 7vVWBG&V>( ФTDdT@F'G6WvG2&2#"66RFR&BfVGW&VBBRBGv'WBF&VRVvW"'&FW'2b7V'W0V&W'26vW"6&BwVF&7B&VV禖vW"B&V( 27FW'&FW"Vg&V@&72VFfVN( 2V&W'2vW&RgFV